Four Apps that Will Improve the Way You Live and Work by Rob Malta

Although smartphones are incredibly common among students and young professionals, many have never tried to use their phones to improve their productivity. More and more developers are focusing on “lifehack” type software that allows you to optimize the way that you spend your time. The apps featured in this article are perfect for college students who need to stay organized and still find time for themselves.

Note: All features discussed regarding the following apps are available in the free versions. 

wunderlist_icon__flurry_ios_style__by_flakshack-d5om13zWunderlist –  Price: Free – $5/month for Extra Features

Created in 2010, this application gave the age old to-do list a face lift and collaborative features. The company offers both mobile and desktop apps, which allows Wunderlist to sync all of your to-dos in one place. With the ability to create sub-lists, add recurring weekly tasks, and plan due dates, it is a great way to manage your syllabus and remind yourself of when you need things done.

One of the best features for students in this app is the ability to share lists between users. This is perfect for group projects as it provides a way to check on what others members have done, while simultaneously broadcasting your contributions. The app is not limited to project based sub-lists, either; many student groups could benefit from a central way to track the due dates for their responsibilities.

EvernoteLarge Evernote – – Price: Free – $45/year for Extra Features

This application offers an amazing way to do everything from taking notes to saving photos and audio, while still syncing it between your mobile and desktop. Evernote provides a canvas to create notebooks, notes, and folders of files within the application. The company stresses that their are few limitations with what you can use Evernote for, as it is versatile and largely up to the user; however, one popular use is as a way to take your class notes.

Any student that types his or her notes should experiment with Evernote; it is a great way to outline information and combine all of your coursework in one place. The mobile application makes it easy to snap a photo of handouts (after class of course) and add them to the digital notebook in the cloud. With the ability to share notes with friends and coworkers, some people and businesses even use it as an alternative to Google Documents.

mzl.zzncapoyQuizlet – – Price: Free – $15/year for Extra Features

Flash cards are one of the best ways to study for a test quickly, but having the bundles of cards in your backpack is inconvenient. Quizlet eliminated this problem by creating a website and dedicated app that allow you to create, share, and study flashcard decks that you, or other students, have created. The website gives the option to provide the title of your course so that other students may find and use deck to study.

The website provides a few different options for studying, such as flashcards, mock tests, or fill in the blanks, which all lend themselves helpful when reviewing material. The mobile application provides a great way to view and study your flash cards on-the-go and without the hassle of carrying them around.

lift-icon-300x300Lift – – Price: Free

Lift is an app that is gaining popularity quickly because of its unique goal: to help users improve themselves. At its core, Lift is a great way to create or join habits and track how well you are doing in sticking to them. It requires you to check off which you completed each day and tracks your streak as you move through 21-day habit building cycles. By visualizing broken streaks and giving you positive motivation with good ones, the app helps users with goals like going to the gym, reading, or eating healthy each day.

If you opt to, you can even add notes and share your streaks with friends or even strangers who are a part of the same goal as you. Some users add stories from their own successes when they check off a daily habit to share what benefits that have seen since starting in order to motivate others.

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